Director's Note
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Over the past few years, the two of us have had many conversations with each other about where the much-sought “legacy” of Riot Grrrl can be found today. We both felt strongly that while the movement has a past that needs to be honored, it also remains an influence on anyone it ever touched, whether that was twenty years ago or last week.
We started wanting to hear other people’s stories of how they carry out the movement’s ideals. To once again not feel alone in discovering where it brought us. So we sent out an open call for webcam videos asking three questions: Who are you? How did you discover Riot Grrrl? How has it informed your life? And the answers came back. A million thanks to all who participated and shared their stories.
–Cat Tyc and Sara Marcus
Creative director: Cat Tyc
Producer: Sara Marcus
Camera: Participants
Video editor: Cat Tyc
Designer: Kelli Miller
Web developer: A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

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